The Potorti Family in Europe

Photo above is Carlo Potorti, brother of Mariano (born 1866)


Our Potorti family members in France have provided information that Grandfather Mario (born 1879) had a brother, Carlo (born 1866), who visited The United States twice around the turn of the 20th century.  On one of his voyages, Carlo boarded S.S. Citta di Torino out of Naples and arrived at Ellis Island, New York on May 13, 1903.  This ship weighed 4,041 tons, was steam-driven, and measured 363 feet x 43 feet.  Carlo was married to Spinella Biagia, and they were blessed with eleven children:


The Potorti children of Carlo and Spinella are:

Carmella (1895), Domenica (1897), Maria (4/23/1899), Fortunata (1901), Rosa (1903), Consolata (1906), Giuseppa (1909, Domenico (1910), Filipo (1913), Romana (1915) and Amelia (1918).


Maria Potorti (mentioned above & photo below - 4/23/1899) married Giuseppe Zirilli approximately 1922; when she was 23 years of age and he was about age 19.  They were married in Messina Sicily, home of Giuseppe, without the approval of Maria's parents.


Maria and Giuseppe Zirilli had a son, named Benedetto, who died at the early age of 20.  However, they were blessed with three other children:


The Zirilli children of Maria and Giuseppe are:

Mario (3/26/1932), Francoise (7/21/1933) and Charles (7/22/1937)  The Zirilli Family moved from Italy to Antibes (French Riveria), then on to Paris, where they established a masonry firm.

Mario Zirilli (mentioned above (3/26/1932) married Michelle; and they have one daughter, Ghyslaine.

Francoise Zirilli married Guy Bordelot; and they have two daughters, Marielle and Agnes.

Charles Zirilli (7/22/1937) married Christine (now deceased); and they were blessed with three daughters:  Patricia (1965), Florence (1968) and Sandra (1973).



Photo of Maria Potorti Zirilli ~ Daughter of Carlo Potorti, Neice of Mariano Potorti, Wife of Giuseppe Zirilli and Mother of Charles Zirilli 

Charles & Christine Zirilli with Daughter, Patricia 

 Filipo Potorti (brother of Maria & son of Carlo & Spinella Potorti), his wife (center), and Francoise (neice of Filipo & daugher of Maria Potorti & Guiseppe Zirilli) in France.

 Family Photo taken in Italy, 1970:  Left to right - Patricia Zirilli (child), Florence Zirilli (child) held by Christine Zirilli; Dominick Potorti, Amelia Potorti, Filipo Potorti (rear) and Viola Potorti



According to the state archive records left by Reggio di Calabria notary, Antonino Paratico........

Gregory Potorti (Purturti) had a recorded debt of 5 ducats, two tari and 02 grains for the purchase of silk.  In today's dollars, 1 ducat = about $145.00.  He owed approximately $725.00 + taxes and fees.  This transaction was recorded on July 22, 1620.

With the purchase of so much silk, could he have been a tailor by trade?

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