Family Photos

Mario Potorti - About 1940

Photo of Carl Potorti - about 1932 or 33.  Looks like early June in either
Roseto, Pennsylvania or a farm in Berlin, New Jersey

Photo of (left to right) Rita Potorti (child); Viola Potorti; Florence Potorti (center); Rose Marie Potorti (child) and Dominick Potorti.

Dominick & Viola had 3 daughters:  Rose Marie, Rita & Dolores

Dominick always had a nice car.

Photo was taken September 17, 1944 - Looks like a relative's farm in Berlin, New Jersey

Potorti Family at home in Philadelphia-about 1943 

Here I am with grandmother, Maria Rosa ~ March 30, 1947.  Notice the beautiful crochet work of the doily.  Although she used only two stiches - single and double crochet, she was able to develop lovely creations.  This skill was handed down through generations of family. 

Carl Potorti & future wife, Florence in 1944.  They met at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard and were married 54 years until Carl's death in 1999.  Besides me, there are are two brothers:  Carl Allen, born 1953 and Robert, born 1960.

Preserved furniture - Purchased in 1932 for the Potorti home at 2325 South 10th Street, Philadelphia.

This appears to be a photo taken at Easter...notice the coursages and springtime scenery.

Top row-Viola Potorti, Carl Potorti, Florence Potorti

Bottom row-Rose Marie Potorti, Rita Potorti


Dominick & Viola Potorti on vacation-Italy, 1970 


Photo on left is Louis Pinto, 4th son of Antonio (Tony) Pinto and his wife Catharina; nephew of Maria Rosa and Mario Potorti.  Louie served his entire WWII tour in the European Theater and participated in the Battle of Normandy. 

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