This page is dedicated to great moments we shared when we were young......... 

Florence Szramowski Potorti (my mother) at First Holy Communion in Reading, Pennsylvania - about 1931

Grandmother Maria Rosa guiding Rose Marie Potorti (Daughter of Dominick & Viola) - 1940's

Rita Potorti (Daughter of Dominick & Viola) sat nicely for this portrait.

She later married Joseph Fiordaliso. 

(Me) Marian Potorti (Daughter of Carl & Florence) - 1950

My brother, Carl Allen Potorti with the famous "Juice Machine."  This juice machine was custom-designed and made of stainless steel with a hydraulic lifting mechanism.  Photo taken about 1973.

My brothers, Carl Allen Potorti (left) and Robert Potorti (right) - 1962

With Cousin Dolores Potorti (left) (Daughter of Dominick & Viola) at the 10th Street tiny backyard, where we were allowed to play.  My father, Carl, had a part-time weekend mechanical job with a Florida carnival when it was in town.  He would bring home some of the carnival prizes - dolls and teddy bears.  Dolores later married Frank DiTillio.

Here is Rose Lee Potorti (Daughter of Michael & Rose) with our Grandfather, Mario, in South Philadelphia. 


Photo below is Rose Lee at graduation (late 1950's)

She later married Nick Badame of Philadelphia.

Rose Marie Potorti (Daughter of Dominick & Viola) & me, 1951 at our grandparents' home in South Philadelphia. 

She later married Don Cola

From the clergy of the church in Pellaro, Calabria, Italy, it was verified that it was customary for infants born to families of the parish to be baptized one day after their birth.

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