The Wedding of Rose Fabiani and Michael Potorti

  April 13, 1937 ~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Carl & Florence Potorti on Wedding Day - June 9, 1945.  World War II was drawing to a close.  Although this may be difficult to realize in our land of plenty, at that time, goods and merchandise were scarce.  Florence shopped throughout Philadelphia searching for a wedding gown.  The choices were slim, as she found only one for sale on Market Street.  Her sister, Mildred, donated shoe ration stamps to complete the outfit.  A little reception followed their church ceremony at the Potorti home in South Philadelphia.

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Top row-Unknown (top left); Michael Potorti (center); Joseph Fabiani (brother of Rose-top right).

Bottom row-Dorothy Penico (cousin of Rose-left); Rose Fabiani Potorti (cender); Marie Penico (cousin of rose-right).


Michael & Rose Potorti had three children:  Mario, Mary Etta and Rose Lee.

Rose Potorti selflessly took her children along each day while attending to her infirmed mother, Mary Fabiani, and also care of her younger sister, Rita.  Subsequently, Rose and Michael Potorti brought Risa to live with them in their South Philadelphia home.

Mario Potorti's Wedding ~ 1961, Essington, Pennsylvania

Mary Etta Potorti Medora (far left); Rose Potorti (left); Mario Potorti (center); Michael Potorti (right); Rose Lee Potorti Badame (far right)


 Dominick & Viola Potorti at their wedding in West Grove, Pennsylvania - 1937


My Wedding - May 7, 1977 

My wonderful husband, Stephen Tetor (left); Me (center); Carl Potorti, my father (right)

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